Lime Rock 4 FSX

// — Outdated: This is the official release of Version 1.0 of Lime Rock 4 FSX. Its totally free to use. -//

Lime Rock 4 FSX  represented a proof of vision:  To make functional race tracks and race cars using Microsoft Flight Simulator as the virtual environment. After all, it is a simulator !

Just Released  Freeware Version 2.0 LimeRock 4 FSX 

Since its introduction, many lessons have been learned, and many improvements in both race track technology, FPS friendly scenery design, and major refinements in the race cars have been reflected in creation of Le Mans 4 FSX and Indy 4FSX.

Freeware Version 2.0 LimeRock 4 FSX  is a lot of fun, and a good way to get started racing in FSX. And when you master Lime Rock 4 FSX, then you could be ready to master Le Mans 4 FSX, or Indy 4 FSX.

You can download Freeware Version 2.0 LimeRock 4 FSX  Here!

BTW: You should check for newer versions of the freeware sim race cars. The originals in this package have been improved on to work with far more challenging racing circuits like Le Mans 4 FSX and Indy 4 FSX and now also for Nürburgring & Nordschleife 4 FSX

.Click on the picture below for the down load link. Or Click Here for the LimeRockPresentation read me PDF! 





Please enjoy with my best regards,

Orion Karl Daley