Le Mans 4 FSX

Left to the imagination of artists, architects, engineers, and crafts people in knowing what you can really get out of FSX as a simulator, Le Mans 4 FSX is a photo surreal impressionistic interpretation intended for providing a virtual world as simulation in ( Microsoft Flight Simulator ™) FSX of what Le Mans, France and how its race tracks might be like.

Le Mans 4 FSX can provide a very exciting experience for racing and as a visitor and also includes about 60 square miles of a photo surreal virtual world for you to also explore by air or by land.

Check out the Tour_Le_Mans_4FSX.pdf here!

***************************** Some 5 Star Ratings ***************************

Noted at Simmarket.com: “OK Daley’s Le Mans (France) scenery exceeded my expectations. I knew it was coming because of the free Race Cars he uploaded to Simviation. This is fantastic! Lots of eye candy.

The track is smooth enough to allow 250 mph speeds. It is also ‘true’ to scale, and as such, you DO have to slow down for the 90 degree turns (70 mph). OK is obviously a very talented scenery designer as the Le Mans track is fantastic. I have been waiting for 10 years for someone to make (to scale) ‘vehicle’ race tracks for FSX. My dream cam true.

For the price the scenery cost I would say I got MORE than my money’s worth. (Psst..I heard he was making another ‘real’ race track..can’t wait).”

Noted at FlightSim.com: “The Le Mans scenery is FANTASTIC. No scenery you
ever bought will be as this one is in detail but also frame rate friendly. You
also won’t see all there is to see in one day.. or a week. And it is lit up at night.

I won’t spoil it for you. Being surprised is the bonus.

Not only has O.K. used a technique that ensures good frames, in spite of it’s complexity, he also scaled it to almost (99.9%) true size and length. He has done all the ‘heavy lifting’ so all you have to do is to enjoy the cars, the track, the scenery and  the thrill of speeding down racing’s most demanding, and thrilling, tracks.
The 24 hrs of Le Mans (France) is legend.

To experience it to the max is very possible with O.K.’s offerings.


Le Mans 4 FSX is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration, and Steam FSX

System Requirements
Intel® Core™ 2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66 GHz or equivalent, or better
4.00 GB memory or greater
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Graphics card or better
Windows 7 64 or newer

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Btw: make Sure you download the LeMans_4FSX_Drivers_Manual !

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