Le Mans and Indy 4 Freeware FSX Cars

There are a few classes of cars that range from LMP1, LMP2, GT, Legacy and then some. As they are packaged, they are listed here for download. So Check below for downloads !

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So check daily if interested in the latest additions –

Btw: Make sure you download the  LeMans_4FSX_Drivers_Manual !

Please note that these are freeware cars. They are built based on opensource with modified FSX parts and xml. They do not include animation yet. hence: version 1.0 = freeware !

The objective . . . to design and engineer vehicles that are Le Mans capable in simulation for FSX- to this end, these are not the usual FSX cars –

Yes, many can hit 270 mph in simulation, down the Mulsanne Straight in Le Mans 4 FSX, but if you don’t have that yet, ( get it soon !!! ), You can download LimeRock4FSX as freeware from  this site but of course it is not “Le Mans 4 FSX”

Suggested installation is in your “simobjects/groundvechicles” folder

From AutoSportsSimulations.com Classics get this set of Maserati 250F cars. 


There are Six Maserati 250F’s in the series. They are tested in FSX Gold and Steam FSX. As a Set, they can provide a multi-player team a choice of six members. The series is also certified for Nurburgring / Nordschelife 4 FSX which is due to be released in early Winter, 2017.

The 250F first raced in the 1954 Argentine Grand Prix where Juan Manuel Fangio won the first of his two victories before he left for the new Mercedes-Benz team. Fangio won the 1954 Drivers’ World Championship, with points gained with both Maserati and Mercedes-Benz; Stirling Moss raced his own privately owned 250F for the full 1954 season.” -Wiki

Download the Indy 4 FSX Maserati Classics Collection here

Le Mans 4 FSX Official Corvette Pace Car V1.2

Derived from opensource, and provided here as freeware, the Le Mans Corvette Pace car is specifically built to meet the needs for an offical pace car with a top speed in simulation of 140MPH.

Click here to download this cars zip file 

LMP 1 Series – 

Le Mans 4 FSX Audi Ultra  ( now V1.2 ! with Digital Dash)  

Audi R18  went on to win the the 24 hour Le Mans Endurance Race in 2011 race by 13.854 seconds. This was the 11th win in the past 13 years for Audi –


Click here to download the Le Mans 4 FSX Audi LMP1 Ultra zip ! 

Le Mans 4 FSX Audi LMP2 Prototype No. 22

This is a rendering of the Audi LMP2 which provides the Audi Ultra some stiff competition –


You can download V1.2 here

Le Mans 4 FSX Peugeot 908 LMP1 Prototype


Click here to download the Le Mans 4 FSX Peugeot 908 LMP1 Prototype zip

Toyota GT One

The Le Mans 4 FSX Toyota GT One is specifically built for the Le Mans 4 FSX Racing circuits with a top speed of 270+ MPH. On the main page, there is a Youtube video from both the drivers seat and from many observation points that demonstrate how exciting this car is as it has Project Cars eat its dust – that is while giving the PCars guy a head start –


There are two equivalent models in this series.  Click here for downloading the Toyota GT1 Series zip file.

The Le Mans 4 FSX Maserati MC12 Prototypes 30-32

Click here to download 

The Le Mans 4 FSX GT Class Mid Engine Corvette ( V1.2 with Digital Dash)


Top speed is about 210 MPH in the Mulsanne Straight, and about 140 MPH through the Porsche Curves, and in its video on the main page, demonstrated great recover-ability when coming into the hair pin turn at the bottom of the Bugatti Circuit.

Click here for downloading the  The Le Mans 4 FSX GT Class Mid Engine Corvette

Le Mans 4 FSX Shelby Cobra Prototypes 65 and 66

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Click Here to download the Le Mans 4 FSX Cobra Series

Porsche 917 Classic Series ( V1.2 with Full Digital Dash ) 

Included are five (5) models of the 917 Porsche of equal calibre –

Click here to download  the  zip file from my Dropbox of these Porsche 917 classics for Le Mans 4 FSX racing –

For the Le Mans 4 FSX Lotus Club:

These Lotus cars are great for forming a club, where more are coming on the way. So make sure you collect them !

Le Mans 4 FSX Lotus Super 7 (with Digital Dash) 

The Lotus Super 7 is a great all around car for developing racing skills. It is also a roadster, and great as a touring vehicle.


So in addition to Lapping Le Mans 4 FSX, the Super 7 is also great for exploring the World of Le Mans 4 FSX too !

You can download it here!

Le Mans 4 FSX Lotus 2-11 ( with Digital Dash )

Derived from open source, and as freeware. the Le Mans Lotus 2-11 is specifically built for the Le Mans 4 FSX Racing circuits. Its a race car but also a nice roadster for just touring Le Mans 4 FSX.


Note: You can enable War Powers, or manifold boost ( Green Light On ) as a button to add boost for 180 MPH down the Mulsanne Straight between the Chicanes, but make sure you disable the boost ( green light off ) when wanting to slow down or in curves like in the chicanes –

If you have or when you get Le Mans 4 FSX, just put the recorded flight from the “Starting Line at Le Mans 4 FSX” into your FSX flights folder, click it and you will be at the start line at Le Mans 4 FSX.

You can Download it here:

Lotus 2-11 No. 90 – Just like the 91, except in Red Yellow !

thumbnail.jpg Your can download it here !