Live Stream

This Live Stream thread is used for testing. So it is not a specific video, but a direct stream from the Development Machines.  Therefore sometimes, its not live –

But when it is – You can review tests when they are underway

When the Live Stream is active, its cool to look at it. Nothing is scripted where the intent is to find engineering faults for remediation –

Here is a quick update:

As five (5) major race tracks have been built and tested extensively that include the Freeware Lime Rock 4 FSX V2.0, Indy 4 FSX, Le Mans 4 FSX, Nurburgring 4 FSX, and Pomona Drag Strip for FSX, current development focus has moved forward to vehicle animation.

Over time you should see this show up more and more in the live stream. But currently, its just a lot of racing as a daily event . . . . . –

Streaming over the past few weeks has turned out to be, well, more than just a lot of fun. Its become more like a Dopamine Rush for sharpening the senses.

Assumed originally just for performace testing on low end systems, the streaming experience, in a mannr of speaking, due to its level of Rush, has become a daily event.

A few reasons for the daily events are that there are these great racing circuits as FSX scenery that can provide a real hands on experience that you can get out of FSX; and then an extensive varity of great cars that have been tuned for these racing circuits; and then of course, many FS Recorder Tracks which can be made and used and reused for many events. Just wait till we go multi-user too !

To this end, the following proposed evening (EST) schedule is provided for this channel:

Proposed Schedule: Unless otherwise streaming, figure that there is enough content and variety for covering a 7 day week, where most of the time focus will be as listed as below:

Monday: Lime Rock Classic Formula One Racing
Tuesday: Lime Rock Mid Level GT Racing
Wednesday: Lime Rock IMSA Racing
Thursday: Indy Classic Forum One Racing
Friday: Indy Ultra-Car Racing
Saturday: Le Mans ( Various Categories )
Sunday: Nurburgring ( Various Categories )

( Please note: Day Time Streaming will remain the same – in other words, it is used for any of the tracks, cars and circumstances being tested – )

Some Background:

Scenery Analysis is also embraced as when adjusting for various types of traffic, such as even for airlines high above, to weather of all types, and other FPS consumers which will be demonstrated from time to time on the live stream –