Nürburgring & Nordschleife 4 FSX


– A Smooth Ride –

( Start this video at https://youtu.be/xu7XjBi5fJU?list=PL8SJy7ie7uUowqVw0vYPo_0iEJzL-ZV-1&t=146 )

Nurburgring / Nordschleife 4 FSX is turning out to be an incredible pair of race tracks.

Check out Tour_of_Nurburging_4FSX Here !

The video demonstrates 50 cars being road tested on the Main GP track, and the first 9 miles of the Nordschleife where in reaching the bridge at Adenau Germany. The remaining 4 miles of the Nordschleife are under construction where hoping to complete it before the winter holidays.

On Youtube, you can watch the best of Nurburgring’s laps and also accidents. In studying these, the most critical work for making Nurburgring / Nordschleife 4 FSX has been in the earth forming, or terrain sculpting of very smooth racing circuits in what is other wise very rugged FSX terrain where mountains and valleys also needed to be formed.

In fact, Google Earth helped somewhat but also not much – but between FSX’s notion of what it wants, what Google Earth say’s what things it thinks are correct, after studying a lot of Nurburgring / Nordschleife vidoes, the differences are displayed below for the same area as rendered for Nurburgring / Nordschleife 4 FSX.


Note the road in google earth above – where there are shadows it cannot provide an accurate rendering 

The freeware cars from AutoSportsSimulations.com typically are tuned to be much faster than their actual counterparts. For example, one of the Maserati MC12’s hit 275 mph in the video where the car it is based on has a top speed of 220 mph at Le Mans.

To support sudden acceleration to high speeds, significant testing enabled the fine tuning of the circuits as well as the car’s suspensions. The cars suspensions have been well tuned at Le Mans 4 FSX, but then further improvements for the Nordschleife had to be accounted for. That is for each. When downloading these cars, look for Version 1.3 and up!

In the video there are 50 unique racing cars. This might sound like a lot of cars for FSX to handle at one time, but its actually a high performance simulator when it does not have to eat gobs of land and cloud tiles like in the case of panning the horizon while in flight.

There will actually be more cars as just getting the GT class of about its own 20 staged for their unique laps which are also critical for the areas which are still under construction.

Important: Although an incredible experience, driving these circuits does require a lot of practice. And that is before actually driving with other cars on these circuits.

Although Circuit de La Sarthe in Le Mans 4 FSX is a challenging circuit, I would highly recommend that this be mastered first before taking on the Nordschleife, or Nurburgring’s GP track. And frankly, even before that, Indy 4 FSX is actually the best place to start!